An Appeal to the People Having Bombay Blood Group To Register As A Donor

Not many would know what Bombay blood group is, but yes if you have seen the movie Kahaani then you may have a memory about its mention. Well that’s when people actually made efforts to know more about it. Otherwise a rarest of the blood groups, we usually don’t come across it much in our lives until and unless we know someone with this blood group.

Discovered in 1952 by Dr. Y.G. Bhide, the Bombay blood group (h/h or Oh) gets its name from the city Bombay (Mumbai) as it was first found there.
The following is the tables of blood grouping that will make you understand about the Bombay blood group clearly.

Blood Groups (Antigens and Antibodies)
Blood Group Antigens Antibodies
Bombay Blood Group A,B,H

As seen, blood group A has antigen A and antibody B and so on. Interestingly, all the blood group have antigen H too but there are rare cases where the person doesn’t have the H antigen and instead have antibody H because of which no other group of blood can be given to them, not even the universal donor O.
The Bombay blood group is the result of a genetic mutation in the Indian population that slowly spread around the world. 1 in every 17600 people in India or 1 in every 25000 people in the world has this blood group. The number is still good if we see the Indian context than world-wide. Mumbai has around 35-45 donors and all over we have around 180 donors for the Bombay blood group.
The person having Bombay blood group leads a normal life and this doesn’t affect him until and unless he needs blood. Unfortunately many times the Bombay blood group is mistaken for O blood group because of the lack of technology in blood banks, it’s only when specific H antigen test is done the difference between O and Bombay blood group is known.
An Appeal to People with Bombay Blood Group To Register Themselves On Blood Monk
Thanks to the Blood banks, finding blood nowadays is not as hard as it was earlier but for the people having Bombay blood group it’s a rare commodity. It’s difficult for them to get the blood when it’s an emergency and when we speak emergency then we know it has to be immediate. People having Bombay blood group can come forward and register here at Blood Monk. Looking at the numbers of donors (scattered) it’s clear how sensitive is the matter and even an availability of a bottle of Bombay blood group is so crucial.
Our humble appeal to all the people to get together–family, friends, and acquaintances, everyone you know and are connected who have this rare blood type. Blood saves life and when its Bombay blood group we have to go an extra step forward. We never know who needs it when and, needless to say the non-availability can be life threatening. Spread the word, let people know more about it and come forward to get registered.
Blood Monk is a platform where we would like people with Bombay Blood group come together, register themselves as a donor, connect their known ones with same blood type and be a life-saving hero!