Blood Monk App Documentary: Acknowledging the Valour of Indian Heros!

‘Blood Donation’ is a heroic task. More so because, blood in need is blood indeed! You might be a regular blood donor but if you are not able to get in touch with the person who needs blood during crucial moments, it is just not worth it!

Blood monk
The health care domain is expanding with new innovations being crafted by experts at every stage. The purpose is just one: To heal. And when the willingness to do good to the society meets with technology, a history is born.

Blood Monk App:  Seeding and Nurturance

There are some hard times when you want to do everything you can to save your family member or friend. But when you fail to get the particular blood group for them, it proves to be quite disheartening! Especially when it comes to rare blood groups, people often struggle to find them.

Blood monk

Ketan Raval the CEO of a renowned IT firm Lets Nurture and Amit Panchal, a Social Media Consultant and SEO expert met over a cup of tea when the idea behind Blood Monk: An application to connect the blood donors’ was born. When Amit shared an overwhelming incident of his life to Ketan, he came up with an idea of crafting an Android and iOS application through which the donors of different cities can register and connect with each other when there is an urgency to get blood.

Share and Care

In no time, the application was crafted and as soon as it was launched, several people started sharing it among themselves. Not only that, several got benefited by using this application. After a number of downloads of the app, the psychology that blood can only be obtained from blood banks has become a passé. So share the Blood Monk App and care for the people whom you truly love.

Blood monk

Heroes in the making:

As soon as the authorities of Indian Red Cross Society and World Health Organization came to know about the Blood Monk Application, they decided to support this angelic initiative and a mutual decision to release a documentary on the application was made. The documentary; Blood Monk:  was set to release on 14th June; World Blood Donor’s day.

The documentary was beautifully shot by Rihaan Patel, a highly creative filmmaker and his team.

 Blood monk

The Impact

After the documentary has been released, thousands of people are supporting the cause by sharing the video on popular social media forums. You too, can be a part of this change by watching the documentary on YouTube and download the app at the earliest!


Save Life. Make a difference. Donate Blood.