Blood Monk: Dhruvil Dhankani Passionate Young Student

Dhruvil-Dhankani-BloodMonkAs you know last week we featured Amit Panchal as the first Blood Monk on this platform, Today we are introducing – Dhruvil Dhankani, An enterprising student, sports enthusiastic, and now a Blood Monk !. Dhruvil is now blood monk who will be always ready to help people who are looking for blood donation.

 We did a brief interview with Dhruvil to find out his motivation and thought process regarding the blood donation.

  •  Dhruvil’s  blood group is O+ and he donates blood almost 3 times in a year
  • He  donated blood first time at the Blood Donation Camp organized by the residents of the society where he lives. Now regularly donates the blood at Blood Donation Camps organized by various organizations and sometimes on a emergency basis also.
  •  Dhruvil donates the blood regularly because he believes it is going to help save someone’s life and this is something motivates him to donate the blood again and again. According to Dhruvil he has seen many cases of Cancer and Thalassemia where people have died because of the non-availability of the blood at the right time or affordability.
  •  Very recently he donated the blood on the World Thalassemia Day on 8th May 2013.
  •  He has never faced any health issues due to Blood Donation.

Dhruvil’s Blood Monk Quote : “To the young and healthy it’s no loss. To sick it’s hope of life. Donate Blood to give back life.”

As a token of appreciation from our side Dhruvil was felicitated by Manan Pancholi, Co-Chair, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries ( GCCI ) Youth Wing at the eChai Insights @ GCCI Youth Wing – Theme – Failure in presence of the entrepreneurial community of Ahmedabad.

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