Blood Monk: Sohan Jain An Aspiring SEO Consultant

On our last e-chai meetup we have found two new blood monks Sohan Jain & Kuldip Jhala


We are happy for becoming a social community for the right cause. And We are really thankful to all support we are getting  from our blood monk team Amit PanchalDhruvil , Jatin and all other who are working hard under letsnurture’s roof  to build a web & mobile platform for blood monk. We publish insights of all blood monks..

Here is what Sohan thinks about Blood Donation and Blood Monk.

What is Your Blood Group & your favorite Quote
My Blood Group is “B+”  &  a favorite Quote is “Don’t be serious, be sincere.”

How frequently you Donate Blood?
I am a regular donor I donate blood every 4 months, and never mis a chance to donate on my birthday (November 6) and wife’s birthday (19th may)

Tell us something about First Blood Donation Experience
It’s a kind of funny story… in 2006, i was studying my computer engg at Rajkot, my college organized blood donation camp. But no one submitted name, so after that college management decided to offer complimentary dinner for blood donor. For the first time record blood donation was held 1400+ unit of blood was donated.

Please Give us Motivation Behind Frequent Donation
My single unit of blood can save someone’s life. Can not be any other motivation like this.  (Daan to Guajratio na lohi ma che, to lohi nu daan kem nahi ? – narendra modi)

Would you like to share any Interesting Experience related to blood donation?
In feb 2007 one of my friend’s uncle was badly injured in accident. 8 units of blood were needed urgently. Somehow his family was able to manage to get only 4 units, my friend requested us for blood, without wasting a single moment me and my other 3 friend went to hospital and donated 4 units of blood. For the first time I realize that my single unit of blood can save someone’s life.

What sort Type of donation You are Involved With (individual, camp, blood bank, birthday etc etc)
I am involved in all sort of blood donation activities.. Like Camp, Blood Bank and birthday

Let us know your Recent & next donation plan
Recent: 19th may 2013 (my wife’s birthday) next will be august or September (16-17 weeks after recent donation)

Idea for how to encourage people
We should teach and explain importance of blood donation. Sometime good complimentary gift can also encourage people.

Few words about yourself
I am from anand, working as an SEO consulting since 2009 in ahmedabad. Google Analytics Certified. Hobbies are travelling, reading and sleeping.

Your Favorites Book / Personality
All books are favorites expect my study books. Narendra Modi, Sardar Patel,

Why do you donate any personal experience, self motivation?Blood Donation is one type of social service.. it is a feeling that we are giving back something to society.

Have you faced health problem because of donation?
No, never .. & thanks for making me  blood monk

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