BloodMonk Jose Tinto “I have a selfish reason to donate blood, it makes me feel like a Hero inside”

In Our Last Echai Insight GCCI Meet .. we have found few more bloodmonks from Ahmedabad.. Mr.Jose Tinto is one of them.. we loved his reason for donating blood.. here is our short interview who is & why he is interested in donating blood.


 What is Your Blood Group & your favorite Quote?
My blood group is A+,
And my favourite quote Iis “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” – Zig Ziglar

 How frequently you Donate Blood?
I donte blood every  4-6 Months

Can you tell us something about First Blood Donation Experience ?
I was 21. A camp was organized in the campus. I went there and saw the so called “TOUGH” guys shitiing in their pants when asked to donate blood. I went ahead, filled the form and given the blood. Got a smile from the beautiful volunteer girl, went home and slept peacefully.

Please Give us Motivation Behind Frequent Donation
While donating I always feel pride from inside, a feeling of saving someone’s life is like being a Hero. We all should experience such feelings in life.

Would you like to share any Interesting Experience related to blood donation?
Some time back, I donated blood to an accident victim at hospital who was undergoing a major surgery. The gratitude on his mother’s and sister’s faces was unforgettable. And the main part is the guy survived.

What sort Type of donation You are Involved With (individual, camp, blood bank, birthday etc etc)
Usually I attend camps but individual donations if anyone required.

Let us know your Recent & next donation plan
Recent one was few months back, waiting for any new blood camps.

Idea for how to encourage people
Explain people why it’s important and make them understand donating blood is a simple, lifesaving act and is not nearly as difficult or scary as it may seem. Everyday thousands of people need blood transfusions and, by donating blood, you too can help save a life.

Few words about yourself
I’m a happy-go-lucky guy. A full time Internet Marketer, Professional Blogger and a WordPress Enthusiast. Believe in “One Supreme Power of the Universe” rather than man made Gods.

Please share  your Favorites Book / Personality
“The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” / Bhagath Singh

Why do you donate any personal experience, self motivation?
I have a selfish reason to donate blood, it makes me feel like a Hero inside.

Have you faced health problem because of donation?
Never, even you may feel more powerful inside. You are saving a life with your blood.

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