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Milan Maratha-Blood Monk of Lets Nurture

Milan Maratha blood donation

The word ‘Blood Donation’ is common nowadays, yet not everyone is so enthusiastic about it! The World Blood Donor Day is observed every year on June 14th as a mark of respect to those people who give their blood to others in need. The aim is to encourage every health individual to do their part of giving it back to society.


Help Always at Hand for Blood

Regrettably, only 5% out of 65% of eligible people donate blood and that is why the shortage of blood is always felt when needed. However, we at Lets Nurture have healthy and ever helpful employees, who are always ready to help strangers in the need of time. One such recent example is of Milan Maratha.

Milan the Silent Hero

Milan, our SEO executive is a regular lean and tall person who has been with us for around 2 years now. Last week in November 2014, he read an appeal online on Facebook that someone in a hospital in Ahmedabad needed blood urgently.


Milan-Matching Social Service and Requirements Well

The next morning, before attending office, Milan called the concerned person and asked if there was any more need of the blood. On positive affirmation, he rushed to the hospital and after series of short tests, donated blood. Milan was then given an energetic drink from the authorities before he attended office.

When asked about it, Milan brushed aside the topic saying it was not a big matter as he has been regularly doing it for the last 4-5 years and he does it just to help people.

Lets Nurture is proud to have this kind of society serving people in its team.