Welcoming Harendrasingh Rajput in our BloodMonk Community

harendrasingh-rajput-bloodmonk-ahmedabadOne of the cool person in SEO community of Ahmedabad.. Harendrasingh Rajput is now part of our bloodmonk .. we are very much happy to have him on our blood-monk community.. we have one strange ritual.. we love to take interview for each and every bloodmonk.. here is a little bit about Harendrasingh..

What is Your Blood Group & your favorite Quote?

A: My Blood Group is B+, and my favorite quote is:  “Tears of a mother cannot save her Child. But your Blood can”.

Q-Your Favorite Book / Personality

A: One of My Favorites Book which inspired me is  – THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER” and my favorite personality is “Kenneth Blanchard & Spenser Johnson

Q-How frequently you Donate Blood?

A: Mostly I donate blood in emergencies only. I am always available for family and friends for blood donation.

Q-Tell us something about First Blood Donation Experience

A: First time I donated Blood with one of my friends, Mr. Amit Panchal. He made me aware about the blood donation Camp and its importance. That was an amazing experience for me.

Q-Please Give us Motivation Behind Frequent Donation

A: As I believe we need to donate blood regularly, as  it sustains our body and keeps it healthy & fit. It also gives another life to the person, to  whom you are donating your Blood.

Q- Let us know your Recent & next donation plan

A: Recently I have not made any Blood Donation, but still it depends on the situation and Priority of the People.

Q- What sort Type of donation You are Involved With?  (individual, camp, blood bank, birthday etc etc)

Q- Idea for how to encourage people

A: keep donating Blood with Registered or government Hospitals, so Needy People can easily get blood.

Q- Please Say few words about yourself..

A: All  know me with my name “Harendra Singh Rajput”. Check out best gambling sites in Canada! People who don’t know me call me by Mr. Singh, Rajput. My pet names are ‘Thakur, Singh is King, Harry, SEO’ and Many More. I am a good Copy Paste Blogger, I Like to Help People to Get Jobs through this “facebook.com/jobs.in.ahmedabad“.

I am Good @ Digital Marketing , ASO, SEO Strategy Creation, Web Analytics & Social Media. Currently I am working with Space-O as SEO Team Leader.

Q- Why do you donate Blood? any personal experience, self motivation?

A: it inspires me

Q-Have you faced health problem because of donation?

A: I have never faced any problem after donating blood.